For those who follow mystical stories in Indonesia, they must be familiar with the name “Genderuwo”. The creature that is said to have a large tall jet black body with thick hair covering its body, was apparently believed to be by Hindu and Buddhist communities when Islam had not yet entered Indonesia. The term “genderuwa” itself comes from the Kawi language, namely “gandharwa”. Then the term finally became better known as “genderuwo” after adapting to the Javanese language.
The genderuwo myth is rooted in the ancient myth of Persia, who knew the creature with the name “gandarewa”. In the Persian myth, Gandarewa was a water stealth that continually ate good things in Persian belief before he was finally defeated by a hero named Keresaspa. After being adapted by the Hindu-Buddhist community, genderuwo became better known as a male sexual creature who lived in Khayangan.
The myth in Javanese culture says that genderuwo comes from the souls of people who die imperfectly, such as deaths caused by suicide, bad burials, and even deaths from accidents or murders that cause spirits not to accept death.




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