This year, CNN Travel has released 50 of the world’s most delicious foods. Rendang from Indonesia remains in first place. Great!

This is the second time for Rendang to be the first CNN Travel version of the most delicious food. Previously, in July 2011 CNN Go’s named Rendang as the most delicious food ranked 11th. And in September 2011, then Rendang rose to number 1. In July 2017, Rendang remained in first place.

This is obtained from the most votes in polls or polls via Facebook. There are more than 35,000 votes that cast votes, rendang being one of the most.

As many as 50 types of food from various countries, two foods from Indonesia ranked first and second most delicious food in the world, namely Rendang and Fried Rice.

Quoted on CNN Travel (07/12), one of the readers named Kamal F Chaniago showed his own view in his writing, “Rendang is the best”. The winner of this food deserves to be claimed as “The Most Delicious Food in the World.” he wrote.

This original Indonesian Rendang which is worldwide is the typical Minang rendang. Unlike the Malaysian rendang, rendang Minang has a blackish and dry appearance. With a blend of spices native to West Sumatra that are thick and tasty.

Why is it called rendang? Because it comes from the word ‘marandang’ which means the process of cooking to nullify water or consume water.

In the manufacturing process, rendang Minang is processed with beef ingredients cooked together with coconut milk and some special spices such as garlic, red onion, ginger, galangal, red chili, turmeric leaves and orange leaves. Cooked for 7 hours, producing beef with soft texture and savory flavor.

In the area of ​​origin, namely West Sumatra, rendangpun many types. Not only made with beef, but also chicken, lungs, potatoes, shrimp, eggs, ducks and fish. Some even added cassava or red beans.

On CNN Travel, Indonesian dishes are often used as ceremonial shows and for honored guests. Not only delicious but also the recipe is simple. Suggestions from readers named Isabela Desita said, “Rendang should be the first! It’s very delicious and you have to try it !,” said Desita, who invited other readers to try Indonesian rendang.




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